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The Millennial Dispensation: To restore sanity to human existence and sexuality, mitigating the affects of Armageddon. Regardless of whether you're Christian, a follower of Veda (erroneously referred to as Hinduism), Jewish, Muslim or yes, even Buddhist, God wants mankind to know that there is no other God but Him and He ordained heterosexuality and homosexuality to be properly used by man. It behooves man to learn to properly utilize his many gifts from God.


Thank you for your interest in the Web site for The Millennial Dispensation. For those who are troubled by the seeming religiosity of this site, please be advised that David Wadsworth is not what the Radical Religious Right would call a "born again" anything. In God's eyes, David never died! David has always said, "A man's life is his religion and some men need to get a life."

At present, David's limited calling is to teach man about his and her true nature as God created man and in so doing, turn all man back to showing reverence, honor and seeking knowledge of our Father in Heaven. Man's true nature, which man systematically blasphemes, defiles, abuses and slanders is directly linked to every ill in the world today and will ultimately lead to the destruction of mankind, known in religious circles as Armageddon.

THE WORD OF GOD is that which God has revealed. Unless revealed by God, it is merely commentary. Commentaries, which comprise the majority of the Bible, are inspired writings of how to conduct the affairs of man in given situations and what God meant by His revealed word. As far as the Word of God is concerned, God never tells man, 'You must believe...," "You must do...." or "You must behave in such a way." Not even in the days of Moses did God stoop to that level. That is the pernicious dogma and direction of Satan. God merely gives man guidance and help when man asks for it. God has endowed with the "Freedom of Choice." Anyone who tries to deprive man of that God ordained, righteously endowed and divinely blessed and sanctioned right, is of Satan and an antichrist!

Under Literature you'll find:

1) INDIVIDUAL'S STORIES & TESTIMONIES: selected writings by our fellowmen and women regarding homosexuality which I have deem inspirational in nature regardless of the individual's faith or religion. I have read writings of people who come from a Buddhist, a Muslim or a Taoist religious background that I feel show the true love, mercy and desires of God for mankind. 

2) ASEXUAL'S STORIES: God said, "It is not good that man be alone...," but because of sexual politics, some have taken the least confrontational path. The first story is a compilation of dozens of asexual's stories/testimonies I have talked with. I am endeavoring to have people individually write their own testimony or story in their own words with a name attached. The need for a name has been the greatest stumbling block. I've maintained that since we all, each and every human being, is a truly valid and worthy child of God, an individual' name or a label makes no difference. However, in this day and age of the proliferation of lies, falsehoods and half truths, a name attached says 'I own that account,' which does seem to be an integral part of man's validation and educational process. God said, Judge not that ye be not judged! Therefore, if the rest of us don't agree with the asexual's reason, it is for us get over or to change the situation. It is not ours to judge, ridicule or make the situation worse.

3) ADDITIONAL SUGGESTED READING: For those desirous of more knowledge and information, I recommend the books on the list.

4) THE JOURNALS OF DISCOURSES of THE MILLENNIAL DISPENSATION: As with the majority of the Bible and the writings of the "Apostle" Paul (see article on Paul, Was he an Apostle?) and others, The Journals of Discourses are not the Revealed Word of God. Can I error? I try not perfect! I'm still here! I would hope that God is able to get through my, at times, abstinent, thick head, but I am only human. God didn't touch me with His finger, grant me a special waiver and miraculously change me saying, 'From now on, you are hereby infallible!' Only Satan would perniciously deify man in that manner before he is ready.

When I was still working into the wee hours of the morning, these are some of the commentaries, novels and screenplays that would circulate round and round in my head. The first few are autobiographical in nature. The first novel may be a little riske.

One heterosexual psychologist said of the first novel, it bordered on being X rated, however, because it is not gratuitous and because it is psychologically vital in nature in order to truly understand the main character, an argument could definitely be made that it is not X rated. (See Journals of Discourses article entitled "Social Norms, Are They Commandments of God?)

Under RESOURCES below, you'll find areas I personally feel are vital in today's world! These are hardly all inclusive. Listed therein, are some sites which I have personally found to be very beneficial. I hope you find them equally as useful. 

If you have some suggestions or know of links that should be added, please send me a communiqué. I don't understand these things but I'm told that some browsers do not support forms for e-mail. If your browser does not support forms for e-mail, feel free to send me an e-mail to, SUBJECT: David R.W. Wadsworth's Web site. Thank you!


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