On the 27th of May, 1947 David was borne to Betty and Clifford Wadsworth.They named their son Roger William Wadsworth. David says one of the firstthings he can remember when he was about a year or two years old, was listeningto his parents talk about the day he was born. His parents said, "The dayDavid was born, the hosts of heaven shouted with joy." Really? David saidhe always wondered what made him so special or was this just typical parent'sjoy, happiness and wishful thinking surfacing? Years later, as he frequentlyreflected on this, he couldn't be sure that it wasn't just the boastfulyearnings of proud parents joy that their new baby was, for all intentsand purposes, seemingly normal and healthy.

Twenty years later, they could throw it in his face the fact that theysaw and knew since the day he was born that he was very different in acouple very important ways. One way, his mother said she and his fatherdiscussed the fact that they felt I would grow up to be a homosexual. Davidsays, "Sorry parents! That is something I never was or could I ever be!"However, David says it was obvous, they chose to ignore their intuitivefeelings and the testimony of the Holy Spirit hoping their feelings wouldn'tprove to be an omen of a self-fulfilled prophecy. David related that theother way in which they said they felt he was different, they said madethem very proud that he was their son and that they were chosen to be hisparents. (Sorry, parents but God says you have to accept the whole packageintact. You can't divide it up and say, 'This I like, but this I don't.)

If a parent has insight into a child's proclivity, does it not behoovethat parent to try to understand the true nature of the proclivity itself,and why that child exhibits that propensity. If deemed a detrimental thing,like God, would not the parent take steps to warn the individual and helphim alter his or her environment so that it doesn't happen? However, toclaim special insight and seek to take none of the above mentioned steps,then rail against and castigate the individual for becoming what you knowhe or she would become, is plain and simply, a dogma of Satan to divideand separate man! In all fairness, was it not God who watched over Davidand protected him from the pernicious prejudge of society and his parents?

Reflecting back on it now, David says he was counseled that he chosehis parents and they him before taking a physical body and coming to earth.However, having the veil of forgetfulness drawn over his eyes and lookingback over my life, with his limited knowledge and feeling the way he does,he can't honestly say whether it was a wise decision or that if he hadit to do over again, that he would have made the same decision. However,since he's a mere mortal and he doesn't know God's total Plan for Man,the fact that his parents are so homophobic had to of been known beforecoming here. God knows everything from the beginning to the end and forthat matter, he probably knew before agreeing to it in thed spirit worldthat their extreme opposition would be the impetus needed to push him inthe direction he should go.

David says his parents had always told him while growing up that theyhad complete faith and trust in his cognitive thinking and ability to reasonand make the best decision. But did they? David says, their faith and trustwas obviously conditional and contingent upon whether or not they agreedwith his decisions or whether he did what they wanted him to do.

Case in point: David says,
I was about 21 and just got home a couple hours earlier on leave fromthe Army. I thought that I always had a close relationship with my parentsand could discuss anything with them. At least, that's what they said.I not only wanted their counsel and advise but I also felt it my duty astheir son to initiate a heart to heart discussion with them, sharing withmy parents what I was doing, what I had learned, my plans for finishingcollege before starting a family and my eventual plans to marry and raisea family but only after I was financially able to provide for them.

During the discussion, my parents wanted to know about a "special friend"I must had mentioned during the course of some earlier phone conversation.Growing up, it was no secret to anyone that friendships meant a lot tome and that I truly loved and would do anything for a couple special friends.At the time, my friends and I were inseparable. I did not realize at thetime of the conversation with my parents, what they were fishing for. ButI realized later, that they had only one agenda and that was for me todispel their fears. Without knowing what those fear were, I couldn't! Ididn't!

It only took me a fraction of a second to know who they were referringto. I said very happily and excitedly, "I don't know how special he isbut he's a very, very, very nice person and extremely intelligent guy forhis age."

To their question, "Is he married," I replied, "He's only 17. He sayshe has a girl friend back home but he's also gai." At the time, it neverdawned on me that I was thinking and enunciating the French pronunciationof the word "gai" but they were hearing and relating to the English word"gay?" 'So what,' I would have thought. "Gay" means "happpy."

Of course, they asked me what I meant by "gay?"

There was a lot that I still didn't know but believing there would beample opportunity to explain, clarify and understand certain points ina calm manner more precisely, I said, "He's bisexual!"

My mother said making a contorted face, "You mean he's..."

Remember, although they teamed up on me laying in bed, I said I hadinitiated the very honest and frank, heart to heart discussion. I feltI had nothing to hide or be ashamed of and I was doing what they had alwayssaid I could do, "Be honest and truthful about anything.". Again, theyalways told me they had complete confidence and trust in the decisionsI had made. They had always drilled it into us kids that premarital sexwas dirty and filthy but nothing was ever said at home or in church abouthomosexuality. Other than peer comments, I had come to realize that homosexualitywas very natural and ordained by God. So, I said, "Yes, we had sex together."After all, no one had said 'sex with a male was dirty!'

My mother gasped and said, "What does that make you?"

I said, "Well..., It must mean I'm gai like everybody else."

My parents, especially my mother hated what she referred to as the "bastardization"of the word "gay." Yves was the impetus but my thirst for knowledge andbooks taught me about the origin of and the usage of the word "gay" butI thought there would be ample time to explain that I didn't mean "gay"but "gai." However, my mother jumped at the word "gay" and said in a verypejorative tone and disgusting facial contortion, "You mean homosexual?"

I was no longer a child subservient to their wish, whim nor influencedby their pejorative remarks. I still thought and hoped that once we gotbeyond the subjective emotionalism, we would at least be able to talk andhave a calm discussion. Then we would be able to talk about our beliefs,feeling, misconceptions and we'd be able to come to a better understandingand appreciation of and for each others opinion. But, that was not to be.Satan was weaving his web of destruction fast and furious. I said, "Okeh,yes, I guess. But homosexuality is good, necessary and natural," againbelieving they would give med a chance to explain. But I saw in the facesof my parents, the pernicous influence and hold Satan had on their minds!

I realize now why, but at first, my father was subdued and I feel, Icould have talked with him calmly and rationally if my mother hadn't ofbeen there. But my mother had too much invested not to try to take controlof the situation. Her face contorted and fiery red, she said hissing andspitting in a most vile, undignified manner, "That's disgusting! That'sunnatural! That's perverted! Ooooooo! Ick!"

I thought, 'How does she know what two males do in bed together. Didanyone tell her? Does she think about it? Does she fantasize about it?Does she have a warped mind? For all she knows, they just lay there andcuddle and kiss. And she calls that perverted?'

Twenty has passed (now 25 plus) since that October day in 1971. WhileI wrote it down in my journal blow by blow, after my accident in 1980,my spouse being very, informed my parents and to her credit, my motherflew to San Diego to see if she could help. For that, I am grateful, butI also condemn her for the havoc, pain and suffering she created in ourlives. I know my mother read my Journals as she frequently quoted fromthem regarding a number of topics and my handwritten Will. Since by theWill, I left everything to my spouce, my parents said they would contestthe Will and threw him out of our home. I was so hurt, disillusioned andangry that I had been lied to that I had frequently reread the accountof that October day in 1971 and played the incident back in my mind enoughtimes that, for me, it became indelibly imprinted on my mind.

That night, in October of 1971, as I lay in the bed ready to go to sleep,my mother and father walked in the room as if they had something on theirmind and wanted answers. My mother sat in a recliner at the side of thebed and my father stood between her and the bed. I now know why but atthe end of the conversation, my mother was the first to pronounce the edict.She said, "If you are a homosexual, then to us you are dead to us."

Then my father dutifully chimed in, "Yes, if you are as you say youare, then to us you are eternally dead and may the Lord have mercy on yoursoul!" I felt outraged and wanted to shout, 'YOU MORONIC LIARS! You don'tand won't listen! I said I was "gai" not homosexual. I never was and nevercan be homosexual. LISTEN and put your brain in gear before running offat the mouth,' but no! I refrained.

Wow! I was horrified! How did a peaceful, loving, honest and truthful,sharing conversation get so twisted and distorted. Granted, I can rememberpassionately trying to hold back the tears pleading with them for understandingwhile telling them of friends who were accused by a gang of ruffians ofbeing a "homo" and were pounced upon, beaten bloody and killed. However,later, listening to my mother relate the event and conversation, she wouldtell people she felt "I was possessed because of the hateful things I saidand because she said my face was fiery red and contorted out of shape."That was the pot calling the kettle black. Admittedly, I was hardly a saintbut she was looking into a mirror when she described the face of Satan.The only reason I didn't tell her and my father to go to hell was becauseI couldn't get a word in edge wise. Of course, I would never tell themto go to hell anyway. I was not in that mind set until later when I hada chance to think about it.

I was scheduled for a month long leave but when I got up the next morningto have breakfast, I could hear them making plans to take me to Salt LakeCity -- I hope not handcuffed and shackled -- to see a "friend of theirswho would put my mind straight." I had been aware of the Mormon ChurchSocial Services who would refer "homosexuals" to psychiatrists who wouldthen use Aversion Electric Shock Therapy" to cure people. That way, theMormon Church was not guilty nor liable for psychological brainwashingand abuse but the individual private psychiatrist.

Since that violated the very foundation of Mormonism theology, e.g.everyone must be given the free agency to make their own decisions -- theybelieve Man will not be judged for Adam's transgression(s) -- my parentsbeing extremely staunch supporters trusted their leaders rather than theirheart, their mind or the Spirit of God. Instead, when I went into the kitchenand they told me of their diabolical plan to drive me to Salt Lake Cityto get some help, I said, "Ooooooooooo! No can do! You see my flight leavesat noon and I have to been there by eleven Will you take me or should Icall a cab?"

Their reply was, "I thought you were going to be home for a month."

I said, "I was but that was before you told me I wasn't wanted."

My father said, "You should know you're always welcome here. Just leaveyour homosexuality back where you came from!"

Again, I was so tempted to say, 'That is me! I can't take off my cockor take out my heart because it offends you,' but again, I refrained. Iwas making it a short lived habit of sparing them their feelings.

Later that morning before they took me to the airport, my father threwit in my face that when he was my age, he was homosexual and in love witha boy but my mother had helped him turn his life around. He emphasizedthat I could do the same if I would just get married, have a family andforget my feelings." They had obviously, not heard a word I said.

Not understanding God's Plan for Man, my father said, "You should bethankful of that (meaning my mother had saved him from the throes of thelife of debauchery) or you wouldn't be...," choosing not to finish thecomment he wanted to say but decided it was inappropriate "...here as ourson." The truth is, if he had opted for truly homosexual life and hadn'tgotten married or fathered a family in which case, I would not be hereas his son. However, I would still have been born but as someone else'sson. I could have been borne as their son but they would have changed andbeen far more accepting and living the true teachings of Christ and notof man's. The possibilities are limitless but the work would have stillgone forward. Everything from the beginning to the end is already knownand while I'm told my parents and I had, had an agreement before cominghere, the only thing I can assume, is if he was truly gay as they saidhe was, he is and was "gai" not "gay." He never was nor never can be eithera homosexual or a heterosexual (more about homosexuality under LITERATUREand JOURNALS OF DISCOURSES).


My childhood was very different from a lot of other kid's but I didn'tknow or care. My parents were extremely poor. Although we didn't have apot to pee in, we didn't need one either. A hole in the ground sufficed.My father had dug a hole outside the shack. As a child, I didn't know wewere poor nor could I relate to what it meant to be poor. As a child, allI needed was love and I felt my parents loved me and my brothers. My fatherdidn't even have a high school education when I was born and I later realizethat he must have worked his ass off to provide for his family. I had twoolder brothers and we lived in a one room wood shed converted into a bunkhouse for a hired hand. I remember the pot bellied wood stove in the centerof the dirt floor we used to huddle around to keep warm in the winter.However, for me, life was very happy. I didn't know any difference. I wasalive, felt love and that's all that mattered to me. My parents and brothersmade me feel wanted and happy. Men are that they might have joy and I wasno exception. Irrespective of whether human or animal, all life seeks joy.

My father was a hired hand and we lived on a farms in Blackfoot, Wapellow,Basalt and Woodville, Idaho. That is all I knew and was what I was usedto. Later, after we moved to Idaho Falls, I remember my father became asalesman for Kirby Vacuums. He then he got his GED and became a mechanicaldraftsman. He would occasionally complain of how many degreed Architectshe would have to train in the fine points of mechanical engineering atthe Atomic Energy where was employed. But that's so with any job. The peopleturning the nuts and bolts day in and day out know all the individual peculiarquirks but that doesn't mean he's qualified overall. He worked for differentfacilities at the Atomic Energy Cite near Idaho Falls for about twentyyears with bouts of unemployment intermeshed.

However, back on the farm somewhere between Blackfoot and Idaho Falls,my friends and play mates were my brothers. I have no memories of impressionablysad or happy times. I guess we moved frequently because I can rememberbits and pieces from five or six places we lived during the first coupleyears of my life. Still, for the most part, I was happy. My cloths wereall "hand-me-downs" but I didn't care. I loved my brothers and very washappy that I could even finally wear my their cloths. I didn't even careif I went naked!

Although dirt poor, at the time, I responded like any child would tothe variety of stimuli I was confronted with. I was no exception. WhenI was 15 years old -- I remember that age because, while I didn't knowwhy, I felt very strongly it was a very significant period in my life asit turned out to be -- my father said that for my 1st or 2nd Christmas,I woke up on Christmas morning and found under pine tree branch decoratedpaper cut-outs and strings of pop corn, my one small present, a small rubberball. My father said I cried, cried and cried asking between the sobs,"Why? Doesn't Santa Claus love me? I've been good!" Needless, to say, Idon't remember the incident and just took his word for it.

Although it's hard for me to imagine that at one or two years old, Ialready had expectations of what Christmas was supposed to be, but giventhat it did happen, I was probably so ashamed that even as a child, I couldbe so thoughtless and selfish, I had successfully blocked it from my memory.However, my father related to me how everybody had gotten up on Christmasmorning, beaming with joy and excitement, so exuberant with happiness aswe eagerly and anxiously waited to see what "Santa" had brought us. ThenI ruined everyone's Christmas but more importantly, I really hurt my parents.My parents said that tore them apart and it took them years to get over!Christmases around my house were filled only with the bear necessities.Necessities in abundance and frivolous presents were not known.

I can well imagine how it would make a parent feel to see a very youngchild, at Christmas morning, heart broken and internalizing a chance offate. My father told me the story saying it tore both my parents to piecesand left an indelible impression on them. It made them work and try evenharder to provide a better life for me, my brothers and later my sisters.My father said he had promised my mother and us kids that we would never"go want for anything again." Later, while my father was unemployed, hewould spend months making my sisters cribs and doll houses along with othergadgetry for Christmas. My mother worked long hours, late into the nightfor as long as I can remember, selling magazines by telephone. He occasionallyworked outside the home for years at a time doing Secretarial work thenshe would go home and work into the early hours of the morning sellingmagazines. Her income helped feed the family and bought many new thingslike beds and appliances. At times, my mother's was the only income.

Every since my father related to me that story of Christmas, I've hatedChristmas because of its pagan commercialism. Later when I found out thatit was originally a pagan holiday changed to Christ's Mass only to appeasethe Christians, I would never celebrate it again unless it was with myspouse. I had known since about the age of two or three that my fatherwas really the only Santa Claus. But by that time I was fifteen, I couldrelate to the fact that all my friends had far more money than we had andthey all got far more neat thing as birthday and Christmas presents thanI ever could hope for! I learned not to think about it but make do withwhat I had.

I still wonder how at the age of one or two, with no prior experience,how I could relate to or have any expectations as to what Christmas wassupposed to be. However, I was always thinking and at an extremely youngage, I thought I was very practical. When I was about four or five, I wentto the neighborhood grocery store and my hard earned and saved money, boughtmy brothers and sisters the exact same Christmas present. A puzzle. Whenthey opened my present, I was beaming with pride..., at lest for a fewseconds, until they found the presents were all the same, they laughed,teased me for being so dumb! I was never asked why. That hurt!

While I wouldn't be truthful nor human if I said, "I never 'went want'for anything," if I did, it probably wasn't necessary. The important pointis that at a much younger age, I had decided that I was going to graduatenot only from High School but also college and at the age of 15, I decidedI would not compromise myself into getting married and having kids beforeI could afford to support them. (Remember the age 15, it'll surface againlater in regards to a visitation in the Idaho Falls Temple)

Early Mormon pioneer stock, ignorantly believed in large families withno thought of how they were going to provide for them. True, in Matthew,it says,

"Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shalleat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet your body, what ye shall put on. Isnot the life more than meat, and the body more than raiment?"

Jesus said, "Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not,neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeththem. Are ye not much better than they?"
Matthew 6:25-26

A very good point but also laden with seeming contradictions. Theants and squirrels build nests and lay up storage for the winter. The birdsfly south but Christ was right, man is basically one of the only speciesthat is concerned with and capable of being concerned with its future andthe future of its young. It's man's nature is to complicate simplicity.A seeming contradiction found in Timothy, the "Apostle" Paul tells us tothink and reason beyond mere the obvious,

"But if any provide not for his own, and specially for thoseof his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel."
1 Timothy 5:8

Christ told parables or stories and gave examples to point to thedesired pattern of behavior to follow or emulate, not to lay down a hardand fast rule for the behavior itself. As with any parable, someone canalways find a contradiction. But that's not trying to understand the principle.

Proverbs says,

"Wisdom if the principal thing, therefore get wisdom: and withall thy getting get understanding."
Proverbs 4:7

At about the age of 2 or 3, I remember moving to Idaho Falls, inwhat to me was a tremendously big house on F Street, which was across theYellowstone highway from the rail road tracks and behind a Safeway Store.Safeway used to scare the hell out of me when they would burn boxes infurnace behind the store. We then lived within a mile of my grandparent'shouse where they lived until they died many years later.

Like most children, everything in life was new, exciting, scary, awesomeand bewildering. I was in awe of the big, black, fierce looking steam locomotivesthat went by the house to the switch yard a miles away. I remember everytime a big angry locomotives went by the house on the other side of thehighway, it would blow its loud high pitched whistle and angrily hiss andspewing out volumes of what I only surmised was smoke. It looked like anangry demon. I was terrified and would run and hide under anything I couldfind.

It was on F Street, that as a very young boy, my parents would unconsciouslybreak open the door, knock down the barriers and unconsciously force meto broaden my outlook and acceptance of the options of my sexual orientation.Looking back on it now, it was as it was as it was meant to be. However,at the time, I had a much different perspective.

I was in the cellar with some neighbor girls playing doctor. Girls?Boys? I didn't care. They were available and suggested we play doctor.At that age, and being poor as church mice, I didn't know what a doctoras, let alone how to play doctor. I don't remember how they referred toit. We were hardly that knowledgeable about life at that age but beingadventurous and naturally curious, I was a quick understudy, pun intended.The young of every species are naturally curious. That is as life was meantto be.

I remember one of the girls said I had something she didn't have sowe went exploring. As I remember it, I was already naked and they had alreadyexamined me and it was my turn to examine them. When much to my surprise,who should appear, Santa and his eight reindeer. I wished! No! My motherwalked in. I not only got slapped, scolded and severely spanked. Worseyet, that night at the dinner table, I was held up to scorn and ridiculeby my parents or my brothers and sisters as an example of what not to do.All this for just being curious, asking a question and like all children,trying to satisfy my curiosity by learning? That was the first time, butby no means the last, that I heard the phrase, "You're not to do that.That is dirty!" Consequently, that was nearly the last time I ever didanything with a girl. It affected me so profoundly, it affected my relationshipswih my girl friends even in High School and College.

Needless to say, that scar stuck with me all through childhood and adolescence.I was never to shake off the terror and humiliation I was subjected to.As a child, I always felt dirty and guilty when my friends and I wouldeven very innocently play with a girl even though it had nothing to dowith sex. I learned or at least I thought I learned that it doesn't matterwhat actually happens but what is perceived by adults to have happened.

Later, reflecting back on the situation and trying to decide how I wouldhandle the same situation if it arose with my child, I realized it wouldhave been the perfect time for a parent/child introduction to sex education.But instead, I got punished, scolded, beat and severely humiliated in frontof my only peers, my brothers. I didn't care about being humiliated infront of the girls. It was their idea plus I don't rremember ever seeingthem again.

Sex-Education in the Home by Parents

The point was driven home to me many times since confirming, what everyoneI've ever talked to, attests to, e.g. there is no such thing as parent-childsex education in the home. "Sex-education in the home" is such a bogus,facetious concept. The only thing more ludicrous is "Sex-education in Church."Church people are, after all, only parents unless one is fortunate enoughto be Catholic in which case, until just recently, Priest probably werejust as knowledgeable and better teachers. However, parents, at least thoseI was acquainted with, never wanted to talk about sex at home, let aloneat church in a "house of God" and when they get older, they seldom if everwant to do it. So, to think that parents will go to church, a "holy houseof God" and talk about a subject they think is too dirty to even talk aboutat home is worse than being an ostrich with its head in the sand it's.....sorry....I can't find the words except to say, and I have it on very good authoritythat I'm either right on target or not more than a fraction of a hair off.

According to the Bible, people have been on the earth for around 10,000years. Parents have had 10,000 years to begin to perfect their curriculumand method of sex-education in the home but they have failed miserably.How many years does it take parents to start teaching their kids aboutsex at home? Forget about church, that's like Telepathic Transport of anObject, it'll never fly. Parents feel that by the time a sibling is oldenough to get married, the hormones in his or her body and the anatomicalstructure will tell two people what to do and how to go about it. That'sthe extent of Sex-Education in the Home. It is now time to turn it overto a more disinterested, more unbiased, more objective third party whoseonly concern is education!

I laugh at the radical right when, while trying to stem the rising tideteenage pregnancy, it criticizes sex education in the schools saying thatit belongs in the home and done by parents. People, get your heads outof the quagmire! That is what you've been doing for ten thousand yearsand look where it has gotten us. Parents who are too embarrassed to talkand can only hit, slap, scold and belittle! As a general rule, for educationto occur, it must be done by an objective, disinterested third party whocan teach facts void of emotional sentimentality.

From F Street, we moved to a relatively small house -- but monstrouscompared to the shacks we lived in -- on Lomax where I experienced my firstcrush on another boy at the age of four or five (I don't know whether itwas a crush or just a strong attraction but at that age, one can rest assuredit wasn't sexual.) I also had a strong liking for the paper boy in thearea. Although my parents couldn't afford the paper, he let me go withhim on his motor scooter and deliver the papers for him, and I didn't haveto pay him a penny. I was either not too bright or I just needed friends.

As far as the boy on whom I remember having an attraction, a crush,to this day, all I remember about him is his name was Kent R..... and hehad curly red hair and a freckled face.

It was while living on Lomax, and attending church that I was firstvisited by a heavenly messenger. He was a well dressed elderly gentlemanwho looked like someone's grandfather. He recited something to me whichat the time, I really didn't know what he was saying or why he was sayingit to me. As I got older, the same words were repeated by some differentabout every five year. I was dense. It sounded good but I could never understandwhat it had to do with me. Twenty years ago, I realize it was a prophecybut I still couldn't figure out what it had to do with me. I don't remembermuch about what the man said but I remember he told me I had been called!Called like on a tedlephone? Called to do what? To do something! I can'tremember if he ever said. The only reason I can remember the incident isbecause I was standing outside of church holding on to my mothers skirttalking to this man I thought might be my grandfather.

When he was finished talking, I asked him, "Are you my grandfather?"

He said, "No!"

I turned to my mother who was talking to some friends, yanked on herdress and said, "Mom, whose that man?"

She hurriedly turned, looked and annoyingly asked, "Where?"

I said grabbing and yanking on his pant leg, "Right here!" I thought,'Kind of a dumb question mom!'

My mother said with a tinge of anger in her voice, "There's no one there,"and went back talking to whom ever.

I turned back to the old man, looked into his face, smiled and shruggedmy shoulders as if to say, 'My mom said you're not real.'

The old gentleman told me a few more things and then just vanished.

As I said, about every five years thereafter, I would meet or see someonewho would basically reiterate the same prophecy, tell me I had a somethingimportant to do and basically to keep my faith with God and He'd see methrough to the end. What was irritating is no one would tell me what Iwas to do and believe me I asked. My typical questions were, "What hasthat got to do with me," and "What am I supposed to do." Again, no onewould say. They would only irritate me by saying, "Stay close to the Lord.He'll tell you what and when to do it." There was that word "it" again!Very annoying!

From Lomax, we moved to Wadsworth Drive where I spent most of my formativeyears and some of my teens. My friends and I were very, very active kidsconstantly playing baseball, football, basketball, running, swimming inthe canals and river, tubing in the canals and the river, riding otherpeople's horses bare back with only twine as a bridle, camping nd hiking.It was while living on Wadsworth Drive that my friends introduced me tohomosexuality under the guise of playful experimentation. Interestinglyenough, my best friend and the brother of the one who introduced me tohomosexuality once said his parent wouldn't let him or his brother playwith me because I was a bad influence. My family was still very poor inaddition to which his father smoked and mine had asthma which normallywouldn't have been a problem except they rode the same bus to and fromthe Atomic Energy Commission. My father was not the type to vocally confrontanyone and the times were such that anyone had a free reign to smoke anywhere they wanted except some churches but my father installed a portablefan next to his seat which drew a lot of criticism from the nconsideratemacho types. However, I felt a strong bond with for my friend and he withme so our friendship prevailed despite his parents dislike of me or myfamily.

However, not that I would have listened to them but it rightly was myparents who could have warned me about my friend being a bad influenceon me. However, again, I was being led by the Spirit and things were asthey were ment to be.

While I wasn't sure how my parents would respond if they knew what wewere doing, I was obeying my parent's admonition and constant haranguingtirade, that is, I was not having do those things with girls. After I rationalizedthat I was obeying my parents and wasn't "doing those things with girl,"I didn't give it another thought. I knew my friends were boys and not girls."Sex was what was dirty." But "sex was with girls. This wasn't sex, thiswas fooling round -- we even called it fooling around -- and this was fun,"so went our thinking as they helped me rationalize it. My parents nevermissed an opportunity to drill home the lesson that sex with a girl beforemarriage was dirty, even filthy. No one ever said anything about homosexuality.I was later assured by a heavenly messenger, "Fear not! Things are as theyshould be."

As I told my parents years later referring to homosexuality, "it isthe love that had no name" -- incidentally, my first novel is so entitled,in part using those exact same words. Of course my mother would exposeher knowledge about the subject, prejudice and life in general by saying,"That's not love!" She couldn't even bring herself to say, "homosexuality"or "homosexual" but referred to it as, "That...!" To this day, she stillrefuses to say the word!

I was very large and very athletic for my age -- some tried to teaseme by calling me "The Golly Greenh Giant" -- and was always chosen firstfor team sport. I didn't realize it at the time until someone told me,but guys used to befriend me so I would defend them against the bullies.Little did anyone know, I used to hate to fight. It wasn't that I was afraidto fight, it just seemed totally foreign and wrong. The few times I gottricked into fighting, the other kid always went home bawling. I wouldinto trouble once because a bully would go home and told his father that,"A big giant bully beat up on him." of course referring to me.

The kids in my neighborhood loved to go swimming in the swift rapidsof the irrigation canals. Of course, we would swim nude and that laterled to further acts of "fooling around" in the hot sun amidst the tallsnake grass. However, no one said the word, "homosexuality." I had headthe word, "homo" used but it was always in reference to an extremely andsickeningly effeminate male. I was not accustomed to swearing or sayingbad things about other and it was obvious by the tone of voice in whichthe word "homo" was used, it was one of those bad words used exclusivelyto mean one of those bad people.

Neither I nor any of my later friends who were very active in sports,were effeminate so we rationalized, 'We are not homos either.' We couldforget about where the word came from or its original meaning. Words rarelymean what they originally meant. However, if adults had been truly concernedabout our education and the way we treated our fellowman, they wouldn'thave permitted slurs, rumors, beatings and other acts of humiliation andindividual degradation to have occurred. But parents are only overgrownteenagers. I won't say 'Parents are overgrown children, because childrenare not prejudice. A person must be inculcated with years of bigotted andignorant hatred and fear before it surfaces in the form of prejudice. Humansnaturally fear that which is different and they know the least about.

Later, after moving to Shelley and becoming an Eagle Scout with severalGold and Silver Palms, in spited being only 15, I was made Assistant ScoutMaster because I was too young to officially be made Scout Master. I couldn'teven legally drive. I was made Assistant Scout Master because of my knowledgeof and dedication to scouting. As Assistant Scout Master, I was to assistmy best friend's father, the Scout Master and person who loved the outdoors,who had never been a scout or know anything about scouting. It was my jobto motivate the scouts to scouting excellence and plan the outings to furthertheir knowledge and respect for the outdoors.

While on the camping trips, certain scouts in the troop wanted to sleepin my tent. Why? I guess because I was a High School Football star andall around athlete, I was thought to be rugged and outdoorsy, I liked anddated girls so I wasn't one of those sissy types, and I liked the kidsand treated them with respect because they liked me and treated me withrespect as much as any kid that age is able to. They were so insistentthat eventually, being a young kid myself and wanting them to like me sothey would cooperate and attend the various planned activities at the Lake,Lodge and throughout the woods, I gave in to their constant insistence.It only seemed fair to allow them to rotate since the Scout Master andI was the only one sleeping in individual tents and the scouts had to sleepeight and ten to a tent which was not much bigger than mine. At 15, I hadworked and had purchased sleeping bags, a 4-man umbrella tent, a ColemanLantern and Coleman Stove, etc. So why shouldn't I let some scouts sleepin my tent? It seemed as a result, they were all more cooperative whenit came time to get the whole troop to work together on a goal.

It was after I let three of the scouts sleep in my tent each night,that one scout said he was cold, then another and another. I suggestedthey sleep together, cuddle to help keep each other warm. One kid remindedme you can only get one in a mummy bag. Besides, all three said they werecold and that would mean they would all three have to get in one bag. Iopened the can of worms by asking if any of them had sleeping bags thatunzipped all the way and could lay flat saying if you do, two of you canzip them together to give you room for all three. The two scouts with mummybags said they couldn't. Obviously! The other scout chimed in, "You andI are the only ones with a sleeping bags that can be zipped together."Was I to say, 'No way, I'm the Assistant Scout Master. Scouting is notfor sissies. Learn to be mean and suffer!' or was I to be a friendly, helpful,courteous and kind and help them learn what it really means to be a scout?I was easy and gave in trying to be friendly, helpful, courteous and kindas it says in the scout motto. I was but 15, only 1, 2, or 3 years olderthan the rest. Not some old man 20 or 30 years older than the scouts.

At the time, I was in High School, and I played Football, basketball,baseball and ran the mile and 880 in track. While I occasionally "fooledaround" with others primarily on the football team, when you're an adolescentor a teenager, for some, not me, there is a natural mystic, curiosity,interest even intrigue in an older person. For some its purely social,for others, it is sexual while for others still, it a combination of thetwo. While I can't say that I ever felt abused, even "molested" is tooharsh, I felt put upon, inconvenienced and at times annoyed like a persistentpuppy that demands attention or wants to play while you're trying to dosomething else. Puppies always seem to be so persistent. They're mostlycute and cuddly but at times, they can be down right persistent and annoyingwhich is the origin and definition of the word "molest." In short, "tomolest" means "to annoy." Would you say you were molested by your puppy!That's how word change.

In the mid 1990's and since the McMartin Preschool molestation fiascoin Manhattan Beach, California, it has become vogue to yell "abuse" and"molestation," if one is but a couple years older than the other.

God has revealed basically seven (7) purposes for which the gift ofhomosexuality was ordained for use by man (see enclose The Book of TheMillennial Dispensation, 8:1-29). We read a couple of the purposes wasand is to:

I was make the Assistant Scout Master because I had already attainedthe rank of an Eagle with numerous merit badges and several Eagle Palmsand it is probably a fair statement that I knew more about scouting thananyone else in my area. I was enthused about anything I did and I did itas well as I could or I didn't do it. With scouting, I wanted to help otherkids learn and understand that scouting basically taught you how to thinkand to use your common sense while having fun, at the same time, in thegreat outdoors.

Like with a puppy, I could not be mad at the scouts, younger thoughthey were, because they were insistent on exploring their sexuality. Annoyedwith their childish antics, yes and put upon because at times, I didn'tfeel like it, but upset enough to be mad, no! It just happened and I quicklygot over being put upon and annoyed. Because they liked me, as a personnear their same age and didn't respond to me as some overbearing, domineering,rough and gruff overlord. Scouting was to be a safe place to learn, matureand develop an awareness their true identifies. They were able to do thatin a safe, clean, non-threatening or abusive environment. I was able togain their cooperation in swimming and canoeing at the lake, working onthings like knot tying, merit badges, on being helpful, friendly, curiousand kind, etc. We did a lot in those first couple of days.

Later, during that week, when a different, older person came up to replacethe scout master and tried to interject a more demanding regimentationinto their schedule, the scout's attitude dramatically turned soar andchanged from that of it doing something because they wanted to and weregoing to benefit from it to doing something because they were told theyhad to. I tried to get the scouts cooperation but none of the scouts, noteven the ones I had let sleep in my tent would he listen to me? No! Tothe Scout Master replacement, I was not the Assistant Scout Master. I wasjust a kid. So I let him run the show his way and just relaxed and tookit easy.

Later on in life, when my sexuality became a driving force in my mentalpsyche, I was deathly afraid that like so many of my friends, if I wasunable to control my urges and would end up having to get married beforeI had even graduated from High School. As I said, previously, I had, wehad what is commonly referred to as "homosexual experiences." However,the word "homosexual" was never uttered in polite conversation and "homosexualactivities" were absolutely never discussed or talked about at home, letalone church. The only word used was the cutting and caustic slur "homo,"and then it was used to refer to a notorious "effeminate sissy" who sickeninglyexaggerated the walk, talk and actions of a female to the point, everyonecalled him "a homo." There were other guys not in sports or athletics whooccasionally had sex. Some also had girl friends. Although some were mildlyeffeminate, they weren't called "homo's." So my friends and I would rationalizeafter having sex after a double date, "We aren't homo's because we likegirls and sports and we're not effeminate. That was the mind set of the60's. All of those friends and I have all gone on to marry heterosexuallyand lead healthy, productive lives. Even the kids who insisted on sleepingin my tent and later fooling around have gone on to marry heterosexually,father children of their own and hold "responsible positions in the church.That's one reason I don't believe and completely discount the older person-youngerperson "abuse excuse." It could and may happen in a few isolated casesif at all, but the today's mania is a result of the paranoia that therejust might be "a homo in your child's bed" replacing the radical rightsparanoid scare tactic of the 1950's, "there's a commie in every bed."

I had been assured by God, I had been "chosen" to do something for Him.The fact that I had "fooled around" with my friends hadn't changed or alteredanything leastwise my worthiness to be "chosen" to do something. God knowsmy heart. Prejudicial man with his own preconceived notions and ideas aboutlife, can't. We're assured, "...for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; forman looketh on the outward appearance of man, but the Lord looketh uponthe heart." Before my mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-DaySaints, I was in some respects, a right-wing, religious fanatic. My missionhumbled me. After my mission which was extended twice -- someone apparentlythought I was needed and doing a good job, I realized I could no longeractively and completely support the hatred and bigotry perpetrated by theMormon church. But I had to find who and what I was. I stopped going tochurch and after my parents told me I was dead to them, when asked, I honoredtheir wish and memory and told everybody who asked that my parents weredead also. I regarded the honoring of a parent or both parent's wish isthe highest act of filial piety.

I very quickly learned the pervasiveness of the unfounded, unchristian,blasphemous prejudice in the Mormon Church. They have allowed peer pressureand prejudice to establish their doctrinal theology. I could not understandhow they could justify their actions when the namesake of their churchwho had admonished them to do unto others as they would have others dounto them. What was worse, I learned to define their doctrinal theologyas blasphemous prejudice. I repeat the same long standing challenge. Ifit is based on revelation, where is it so written?

A few years later, while in the military, I learned of the pervasivenessof the systemic prejudice, irrational hatred ad fear that has permeatedthe military. A perturbation perpetuated by those in the service basedon a fear they couldn't identify, a fear that has no basis in fact, a fearthat is only in the minds of those few who have little or no reason whatso ever to be afraid, a fear that is far from real, a fear that had asits basis innuendoes and prejudicial rumors, a fear that has to be inbredand inculcated by means of fear and intimidation.

I didn't do it as a confession because I truly felt there was nothingto confess, let alone repent of, but while on my mission, I told my missionpresident that I had experienced some very strong homosexual desires. Ibelieve his question to me was, "Are you attracted to any of your companions?"The reason being, if so and once it was determined the object and extentof that attraction I would be transferred and given a new companion. Theproblem was, I didn't know anything about homosexuality. Although I had,had a few homosexual experiences, no one ever identified them as "homosexual"and based on the popular definition of a "homo," none of us was a "homo"either. We were just two, red and hot blooded American teenage boys tryingto find relief from our hormones rather than chancing getting a girl pregnantand ruining the rest of our lives and chances to better ourselves and ourultimate families.

As a result, I truthfully told the mission president, "No!" and I didn't.For example, his son, a nice looking guy, was serving in the same missionat the same time, although he was basically not my type, which was primarilydue to the lack of sexual interest on my part. If, however, we would havebecome good friends and the opportunity would have arisen, it might havebeen possibly and beneficial for both of us. In that case, love of friendshipwould have overridden interest, passionate desire or even lust of whichI have never experienced in my life.

I told the mission president because I had come to respect him. I wassadly and rudely awakened by a rushed diatribe of indoctrinated rhetoric,without a second of meditation or pray as though it were right out of aMission President's handbook, line for line. And it was! What he said mademe realize all Mormon clergy go through an indoctrination seminar as towhat they are to do and how they are to handle a given situation basedon the official Mormon position. Before the 1970's, it wasn't even taughtas a general policy or doctrine to the general membership, only throughjokes and snide remarks. It became apparent that, in the absence of definable,authoritative revelation, the Mormon Church resorts to prevailing socialnorms and relying on the indoctrination of older people called to a positionsof authority and responsibility to indoctrinate and enforce its will onthe general membership. After much studying fasting and prayer, I realizedthere is and was no revelation, past or present, from God supporting theMormon Church's doctrine.

My Mission President advised me to "hurry and get married as soon asI got home, even before I re-entered or finished school." He said not toconcern myself with the ramifications of what this implied. I was horrifiedthat a man of God could be so thoughtless, so uncaring, so crude. I prayedthat God would show me the right thing to do. God told me that the MissionPresident's counsel was shallow and thoughtless that I should disregardit and rely on His guidance.

For me, it took twenty years of studying, fasting and prayer beforeI was able to come to terms how a supposed prophet of God could be so wrongabout so vital a subject. Let me elucidate the subject by presenting youa few facts.

The Mormon Church puts out a pamphlet entitled, "Hope For Transgressors"with a silhouette of a very worried male sitting down and bent over atthe waist holding his head in his left hand. Already, you get the pictureof a person in great despair. Their first attempt at psychological manipulating.However, I never had that feeling. Mine was one of an uneasy dichotomy.Why would God tell me one thing that most of the people of the earth areat variance with? I wonder! Can the najority be wrong or does the majorityfollow and observe the teachings of God? In the above pamphlet, the Mormonchurch hierarchy lists 74 scriptures as "proof that God condemns homosexuality",10 in the New Testament, 19 in the Old Testament, 30 in the Book of Mormon,11 in the Doctrine & Covenants and 2 in the Pearl of Great Price. Forthe first time student, this an overwhelming array of proof which is bewildering,shocking and intimidating. It caused even me to say in my heart, 'God,I'm sorry! I had no idea! Why didn't someone say something before?'

However, it is like the evidence against O.J. Simpson in his murdertrial, i.e. "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit!"

The truly applicable and even remotely applicable scriptures arepreceded by an asterisks "*."

Those scriptures recklessly sited which have no bearing or relevanceto the homosexual issue are followed by a "#" sign.

Footnotes are numbers in parentheses "( )"

Duplicated scriptures are followed by (Dup)

None existant scriptures are followed by (NE)

* Leviticus 20:13, 15 (1)
* Romans 1:26-28 (2)
Matthew 19:12 #
Ezekiel 18:21-23 #
2 Nephi 33:3-5 #
Moses 4:4 #
D&C 1:31-32 #
2 Nephi 9:31-34 # (Dup)
2 Peter 2:17 #
Revelation 20:12 #
2 Nephi 15:19-21#
2 Nephi 20:33 #
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Abraham 5:18 #
D&C 104:5-6 #
* Leviticus 18:22 (3)
* 1 Corinthians 6:9 (2)
John 8:11 #
2 Nephi 9:40 # (Dup)
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D&C 1:33 #
2 Nephi 9:38-39 # (Dup)
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2 Nephi 20:27 #
Psalm 1:7 # (NE)
1 Corinthians 7:23 #
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Revelation 7:13-15 #
Alma 3:27 # (Dup)
2 Nephi 9:20-28 #
2 Nephi 10:23 #
Mosiah 16:11-12 #
Alma 3:26-27 # (Dup)
D&C 19:15-18 #
Helamen 13:38 #
Revelations 3:12 #
Jeremiah 50:6 #
2 Nephi 26:22 #
2 Nephi 9:31-38, 40 # (Dup)
Mosiah 26:35-36 #
Moroni 9:4 #

First, it is the heighth of pernicious deceit, deception anddishonesty to inundate and overwhelm an individual with a barrage of irrelevantand unrelated scripture in an attempt psychologically intimidate the individualinto believing blasphemous lies and pernicious propaganda designed to blockthe Holy Spirit from testifying to the individual as to the real truth.As part of the Mormon Church's and most of Christendom's campaign of liesand falsehood, they endeavor to overwhelm an individual with volumes ofscripture that has no relevance to the issue being referred to, in thiscase homosexuality and seeks to systematically distort his or her perceptionof the truth saying these overwhelmingly prove that "Historically, it iscondemned by the prophets." The following is example of the insidious,pernicious and blasphemous use of totally irrelevant and unrelated scripturessited by the Mormon Church as proof that homosexuality was "condemned bythe prophets."

These are wells without water, clouds that are carried with a tempest;to whom the mist of darkness is reserved for ever.

2 Peter 2:17

My people hath been lost sheep: their shepherds have caused them togo astray, they have turned them away on the mountains: they have gonefrom mountain to hill, they have forgotten their restingplace.

Jeremiah 50:6

I call on the President of the Mormon Church to reasonably explain tothe world what these scriptures have to do with homosexuality or publicallyapologize for their distortion of the truth. When they get through withthese, there are about 66 more for them to explain. Of the overwhelminglist of 74 scriptures, 7 are duplicated and 1 doesn't even exist. That'sthe heighth of pernicious deceit!

As of 1973, the official Mormon Church's position on homosexualitywas that, "Homosexuality CAN be cured," "Marriage and normal life can follow."Normal means average or common. Natural means normal. The Apostle Paul,a bisexual himself, taught,

1 Cor. 2:14

But the natural (common, normal) man receiveth not the things of theSpirit of God: for they are foolish unto him: neither can he know them,because they are spiritually discerned.
In Mosiah 3:19, Mosiah said,

For the natural (common, normal) man is an enemy to God, and has beenfrom the fall of Adam, and will be, forever and ever, unless he yieldsto the enticinges (sic) of the Holy Spirit, and putteth (sic) off the naturalman and becometh a saint through the atonement of Christ the Lord, andbecometh as a child, submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willingto submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon him, evenas a child doth submit to his father.

Although the Old Testament scriptures of Leviticus and Deuteronomywere grossly mistranslated to the point they don't even touch on what theprophet was referring to a the time, that point is entirely academic andirrelevant. Christ said to all the Christians in Matthew 5:17, "Think notthat I am come to destroy the law or the prophets; I am not come to destroy,but to fulfill."

Christ gave man a New Covenant, a New Testament, and according to Muhammadand the Muslims, "The Gospel," thusly fulfilling or superseding the OldCovenant, Old Testament or the Law of Moses. Therefore, true believersin Christ are not bound by the Law of Moses or the Old Testament. Christianshave a higher law or "Gospel" to follow. Other than a historical referenceto show man from whence some man came so he can know where he is goingand historical commentary showing God's dealings with man, the Old Testamenthas little or no significance or relevance.

However, just as in the O.J. Simpson murder trial where the lack ofthe veracity of the investigating officers was sufficient to create a reasonabledoubt as to the guilt of O.J. Simpson in the minds of the jury and public,so to here regarding this subject, is the veracity of the Mormon Churchhierarchy is seriously in question. You be the jury. I pray you'll deferthe question to God. By all means, do not take any man's word for it, leastwisemine. At the Judgment Seat, what will your excuse be, "Oh! David told me,"or "The Leaders of the Mormon Church told me?" No one can not be savedin ignorance. One must have a testimony of the truth for yourself to receivehe greatest reward for your effort.

A testimony means you must learn, know and belief the truth yourself.Again, lest you worry about your salvation, the term "to be saved" hasmany connotations depending on who you are. Nearly everyone will be savedin some fashion from eternal damnation. However, everyone will not receivethe same reward. Christ said, "In My Father's house are many mansions,if it were not so, I would have told you,...."

Secondly, on an interesting note, the Mormon Church hierarchyconveniently left out of their bogus list of totally unrelated scriptures,three totaly relevant scriptures. Ezekiel 16:49-50. Jeremiah 23:14 andIsaiah 1:9-11. Why? Because these three scriptures definitively refutesthe long standing contention of Christendom that Sodom & Gomorrah weredestroyed because of homosexuality. That is the very foundation, the wholeball of wax upon which all of Christendom's doctrine against homosexualityis based. Without the mistranslation and misinterpretation of Genesis 19,Christendom has no valid dogma against homosexuality and it proves themfalse and inspired of Satan! For those who are interested, shortly, I willattach the revelations from Muhammad detailing how his teachings on thesubject and show how they have also been twisted, abused, mistranslatedand misinterpreted.

However, one of the basic tenants of the Mormon church which numerousscholars have proven valid, is, "the Bible is the Word of God" but "asfar as it is translated correctly." Even the non-theologian Bible studentcan readily find numerous mistranslations and inconsistencies. However,the Mormon Church has relied on the tenants of even their theological adversarieswithin Christendom, on which to base its own doctrine on homosexuality.Be assured however, God has revealed the truth (6).

Thirdly, if the Book of Mormon is a "second witness for Christand His doctrine, why is the Book of Mormon completely silent on the subjectof homosexuality? Could it be that the Book of Mormon attests to the factthat the Bible was grossly, erroneously and purposely mistranslated?

Fourth and Fifth, the Doctrine and Covenants is supposed to bemodern day revelation received by Joseph Smith and the Pearl of Great Pricewas translated from sheets of papyrus by Joseph Smith. The authenticityof the papyri from which the Pearl of Great Price was translated are notdisputed today since in the late '60's, early 70's, the papyri thoughtto have been destroyed in the Chicago fire was found and are now availablefor inspection. However, in neither the Doctrine and Covenant nor the Pearlof Great Price is homosexuality even mentioned! Why? Are the opponentsof homosexuality so intransigent in their position that they fail to thinkfor a moment, that just possibly the people of that Abrahams day did notfear homosexuality nor were they homophobic but understood homosexuality'splaced in God's Plan for Mankind and the people, for the most part, usedit as designed?

Sixth, if the church continues to receive revelation today, whereis it so written?

Seventh, if there was some startling revelation in 1890 whenWilford Woodruff discontinued the practice of same-sex temple marriageand sealings by saying the church needed more revelation on the subjectof homosexuality and same-sex marriage, where is that revelation written?

Eighth, it is written,

Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked him a question,tempting him and saying,

Master, which is the great commandment in the law?

Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart,and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

This is he first and great commandment.

And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

One these two commandments, hang all the law and the prophets.

I can't stress this strongly enough. In reality, to God, maybe notto man but to God and He's the only one I care what He thinks:

On these two commandments, hang all the law and the prophets,e.g. (are all the laws in the universe are based and was the purpose ofthe prophets).

Any law that is not based on these two laws, are a violation ofGod's law and that man or those men will have to answer for it to God!

While the TimeTables of History put Abraham as living about the timeof 2,000 - 2,500 B.C., but my own research shows there was approximately7,920 years between Adam and Noah and 4,111 years between Noah and Abrahamfor a total of approximately12,050 years between Adam and Noah only andapproximately 700 years between Noah and Christ (7), approximately 4,500years ago or 12,750 years ago depending on whose figures you use, duringthe period of Abraham and the prophets covered by the Pearl of Great Price,not one word was said for or against homosexuality. Was it not becausethe people, knew its place, didn't abuse it but used it as it was designed.

During the meridian of time for approximately 1,000 year period of theBook of Mormon, homosexuality wasn't illegal, a crime or a sin or evenmentioned. Wasn't it because the people 2,000 - 3,000 years ago, knew itsplace, didn't abuse it but used it as it was designed.

When Christ was here, what did He ever say about homosexuality? ABSOLUTELYNOTHING! In the Bible, there are 675 admonitions and instructions againstheterosexuality but only 4 against homosexuality and those are as a resultof a gross mistranslation. Based on such overwhelming, incontrovertibleproof, is Christendom prepared to lead the charge and rail against andmade heterosexuality illegal? I think not! That says a lot about the fallenspirit leading the fight against homosexuality. Like heterosexuality, unlessproperly utilized, homosexuality can be abused. However, as one of thepurposes for which God ordained homosexuality, if and when properly used,it can and will mitigate the affects of Armageddon. Just because Armageddonwas prophesied, doesn't say when it has to happen nor that it has to happenwith what intensity and with the same destruction, only that it will happen.If man truly worshipped God, Armageddon could even possibly be reducedto an Armageddon of the heart and soul as opposed to a physical Armageddon!

In the latter dispensation, during the more than 15 years in which JosephSmith received revelations comprising the Doctrine & Covenants, notone word was writen about homosexuality. America was still 60 years awayfrom the onset of wide-spread systemic homophobia and a few years awayfrom Joseph Smith revealing God's complete Plan for Man. Was Joseph Smith'slast recorded revelation of 1847, to have been the final word from God?No! God gives to man, that which man, in his pride and limited understandingcan and will accept and be able to comprehend at the time.

There is, in fact, current revelation received from God and it is on-going.It is recorded in the Book of the Millennial Dispensation a copy of whichcan be found at this location. While the entire Book of the MillennialDispensation relates to homosexuality is some regards, specific referencedcan be found in chapter 1:1-29.

I fear lest my words are deemed by the leaders of the Mormon Churchand the rest of mankind as being too harsh and caustic and they hardentheir hearts to the testimony of God. If I error in my delivery of this,God's message, I humbly apologize and beg their forgiveness. My goal isonly to bring man to a true awareness of himself as God created him andGod's true Plan for Man. However, in the same vein or along the same avenueof thought, I ask everyone, what have you done to mitigate the pain andsuffering of gay and lesbian people of the earth? Have you encouraged peopleto be true to themselves, encouraging them to refrain from a promiscuouslife of debauchery and marry forming stable, loving, cohesive pair bondsor to marry and raise a family if that be their desiree?

Or have you sought to chastise, castigate and ostracize homosexuallygai (gay) people from your midst as unworthy to participate and worshipwith you? Have you falsely encouraged people to be true to themselves whileyou rail against them, spit upon them, their belief and testimony of Godand throw them out of your midst and into jails for exercising their Godgiven right to make a choice, albeit different from what you would make?For this very reason did Satan fought against God and was banished fromheaven, with a third of the sons and daughters of God. If you have donethe later, you have indeed become as the Pharisees and Sadducees of Christ'sday. Void of revelation but based on a couple mistranslated scriptures,you draw near Him, with your mouths, voices and with your lips you do honorHim, but your hearts are far removed from Him. You are the most vile anddespicable of human beings and it will be better for the inhabitants ofSodom and Gomorrah than for you.

I call upon the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-daySaints to humble themselves before the Lord your God and beg upon him forforgiveness from your iniquitous sins. The mantle of your calling can andwill be restored to you if you first repent and take steps to rectify theevil you've perpetrated on humanity.


Finally, I would like to quote a few passages from the Koran which Ifeel are very applicable and appropriate to all my brothers and sistersregardless o where on this earth you were born or live. I will leave thesewith you and let you think about them, pray about them and decide for yourselfwhat they are saying. If you desire to discuss these, please e-mail mevia the mail box.

Cattle 6:157,
And who is more wicked than the man who denies the revelations of Godand turns away from them?

That doesn't mean only some or selected scripture, but that means ALLof what God says to ALL man and woman.

Jonah 10:17,
Who is more wicked than the man who invents a falsehood about God ordenies His revelations?

A man in tune to the Spirit of God can detect falsehoods but he whodenies God's word, has no chance for redemption.

The Spider 29:67,
Would they believe in falsehood and deny God's goodness? And who ismore wicked than the man who invents a falsehood about God and denies thetruth when it is declared to him?

The Hordes 39:32,
Who is the more wicked than the man who invents a falsehood about Godand denies the truth when it is declared to him? Is there not a home inHell for the unbelievers?

Women 4:76, Muhammad defined an "infidel,"
The true believers fight for the cause of God, but the infidels fightfor the devil.

The Cow 2:42,
Have faith in My revelations, which confirm your Scriptures,"

Throughout the Koran, the Bible is refered to as "your Scriptures"

The Cow 2:177,
Thus God makes known His revelations to mankind that they may guardthemselves against evil.

The Cow 2:244,
Thus God makes known to you His revelations that you may grow in understanding.

The Cow 2:266,
Thus God makes plain to you His revelations, so that you may give thought.
The 'Imrans 3:103,
Thus God makes plain to you His revelations, so that you may be rightlyguided.

To me, Muhammad is saying that God reveals His will to ALL mankind whowill listen, not just some or a select few.

It's my hope and prayer that we will all humble ourselves before Godand let His goodness and mercy, testified to down through the ages, shinethrough the darkness of evil, hate and envy!



(1) The prophet was warning the Israelite about partipating in thepagan rites of furtility worship which was predominatedly heterosexualbut the possibility of homosexuality was always there. However, homosexualitywas by no means the reason or purpose for this admonition to the Israelites.Later, the monks and fathers in an attempt to dissuade people from engagingin homosexual conduct, these and others passages were purposely mistranslatedprotecting heterosexual conduct but prohibiting homosexual.

(2) Paul was warning the members of the church in Rome about partipatingin the pagan rites of furtility worship which was predominatedly heterosexualbut the possibility of homosexuality was always there. However, homosexualitywas by no means the reason or purpose for this admonition to the Israelites.Later, the monks and fathers in an attempt to dissuade people from engagingin homosexual conduct, these and others passages were purposely mistranslatedprotecting heterosexual conduct but prohibiting homosexual.

(3) The prophet was warning the Israelites about partipating in thepagan rites of furtility worship which was predominatedly heterosexualbut the possibility of homosexuality was always there. However, homosexualitywas by no means the reason or purpose for this admonition to the Israelites.Later, the monks and fathers in an attempt to dissuade people from engagingin homosexual conduct, these and others passages were purposely mistranslatedprotecting heterosexual conduct but prohibiting homosexual.

(4) The prophet was warning the members of the church in Corinthabout partipating in the pagan rites of furtility worship which was predominatedlyheterosexual but the possibility of homosexuality was always there. However,homosexuality was by no means the reason or purpose for this admonitionto the Israelites. Later, the monks and fathers in an attempt to dissuadepeople from engaging in homosexual conduct, these and others passages werepurposely mistranslated protecting heterosexual conduct but prohibitinghomosexual.

(5) Ezekiel 16:49-50. Jeremiah 23:14 and Isaiah 1:9-11 Testify thatGenesis Chapter 4 was grossly mistranslated

(6) see The Book of the Millennial Dispensation 1:1-29

(7) The Timetable of History puts Noah and the Great Flood at approximately600 to 700 years before Christ
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