NOTE: After examining several Web Pages for form, content, uniquenessand the paradigm of a good, clear, straight forward and informative Webpage, I added this category because I rationalized that I've done nothingto be ashamed of and my life of is really an open book. This is not to implythat if I had the chance to do it over again, knowing what I know now, Imight not do some things a little differently. However, when I first editedthe Web page, I felt this section was too conceited, too proud and boastfulas if saying, "Look at what I've done!"

I attempted to reduce my eight to ten page résumé with a listof accomplishments down to just he basic facts. After deleting that whichmight be interpreted still as pride, it was down to four pages. Still additionalediting and more editing produced a summary of one page.

I realized, this is not about me nor what I've done. This is about God andwhat he has done for man. Therefore, I have deleted any reference to degrees,titles and/or accomplishments of which I am proud but they are titles ofman which mean nothing to God. The resume below is just the BAREfacts.




Education: Degree in Business Administration; Major: Accounting.

1980 - present Long-term Disability

Grundy Environmental Systems, Inc.
Grundy Terminals, Inc.
San Diego, California 92123

1977 - 1980
Bergen Brunswig Medical/Surgical, Inc.
San Diego, California

1972 - 1976
Pennzoil Company, Los Angeles, California

1969 - 1972
Army Security & Military Intelligence, Arlington, VA; Seoul& Prong Taek, Korea

In addition to working a 50 - 60 hour week, owned and operatedManagement Accounting Services to provide assistance and consultation forsmall business concerns in areas of accounting, cash flow analysis, P &L, and other relevant financial matters.

Owned and operated David R.W. Wadsworth properties which held four housesand two apartment bldgs.

San Diego State University, San Diego, CA Major: Accounting
California State University, Long Beach, CA Major: Accounting
El Camino College, Los Angeles, CA Major: Accounting
Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, CA Major: Accounting
Defense Language Institute, Monterey, Languages: Korean & Chinese
University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT Major: Chemistry & Pre-med

Fluent Korean ... Written Chinese

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