I am troubled by the Republican politician's election gimmick and sloganof "returning people's money to the tax payers because the people willknow how to spend it better than the people in Washington." All donebefore they pay off the national deficit! Do the people want a governmentthat does something? If so, it'll cost money! If not, fire all the politiciansand return every penny and we'll fend for ourselves!

To me, the Republican gimmick and slogan is nothing but an ploy used bythose bereft of reasonable ideas but proposing irresponsibility trying toget elected. They say the deficit can and will be paid for by the increasedrevenue that lower taxes will produce. Nice in theory but if it works, whydidn't Reagan or Bush do it instead of quadrupling the National Debt duringthe 12 years of Republican control. While the Democrats believe in "taxand spend," the Republicans are like children turned loose in a candystore or an 18 year old given his or her first credit card. Borrow and spendlike there was no tomorrow. They don't think of the pain of having to payback the debt. While it is not completely applicable, if you get a creditcard statement for $10,000, do you go out and charge more thinking the moneyyou saved on sales will pay off the debt? My mother used to say. "Don'tworry about how much I spent, look at how much I saved!"

In college, Macro Economics theorized that $1 collected by the IRS produced$1 dollar in tax revenue. Further more, it theorized that for each dollarnot paid in taxes but spent on the economy, an additional $8 would be producedin subsequent tax revenue which would be generated by circulating the $1a minimum (or maximum -- how can anyone tell for sure ) of 8 times.

The Republicans ignore the democratic process which they helped create andthe reason and purpose God instituted governments. Everybody is so turnedoff, influenced and infuriated by the corruption in levels of governmentand that which permeates the entire political system, people forget whoit is that is bad mouthing the very institution they are apart of and continueto support. Its like hiring a thief to guard the bank. People are so turnedoff by the action of some, they are easily bamboozled and hoodwinked thatthey do not go back to the basics which is from where we'll start.

Governments are established to protect people and their God given and Godendowed human rights. Unless you have a government where all moneys areheld by the government and it doles out money to its citizens, it is easierand more cost effective for people to pool their resources and use thoseresources for such things as police protection, fire protection, disasterprotection, paramedics, hospitals, schools, roads and parks. In a democracy,people vote on the areas in which and programs for which the pooled resourcesare used.

In the wake of the TWA Flight 800 disaster off Long Island, New York, someof the grieving family members publically called for the creation of FederalDisaster Coordinating Agency to disseminate accurate and timely informationso they wouldn't have to rely on the disinformation of the insensitive media,the newspapers or broadcast media. That program will cost money to implement.Either you raise taxes of you take away from Peter to pay Paul! What willPeter do when his funds are cut? His lobbyist(s) will lobby congress totry to win support for not cutting his funds. Where do you get the fundsto pay for the Federal Disaster Coordinating Agency? That's right! Raisetaxes! Who decides whether taxes need to be raised or not? The people'selected representatives. For twelve years under Reagan and Bush, while taxeswere raised, they weren't sufficient to pay for the Trillions of dollarsborrowed by Reagan because he spent like there was no tomorrow, the programsinsisted on by the citizens and the debts incurred by the government insteadof responsibly raising taxes to pay for the programs your elected representativessaid you wanted.

I am not opposed to the creation of 100 and 1 other needed agencies. However,everything costs money and this is the very thing that people so quicklyforget when they rally behind the phony Republican slogans of returningtax moneys to the people. Every month, an interest statement (bill) comesdue. The interest on the debt alone accounts for $.35 out of each $1 collectedin Taxes. If we could pay off the national debt before proposing a phony"Campaign Vote Gimmick" of lowing taxes which no one will eversee anyway, we could reduce taxes by 35% across the board tomorrow.

Question: Who's tax moneys are the politicians going to return? I mightadd, if they are going to return the money, why did they vote to raise thetaxes in the first place?

Back to the Question: Who's tax moneys are the politicians going to return?The 400 million dollars from a road project in a California Democratic Congressman'sdistrict which the Republicans railed against as "pork" or the4 billion dollars for a super collider project in a Texas Republican Senator'sdistrict railed against by the Democrats as "pork?"

In a democratic system, we pool our money to be used for the common goodof all and our elected representatives debate the relatived need and prioritiesof each. The road will benefit and facilitate the Texan or anyone else whovacations, visits or transfers to that part of California and the Californianor anyone else will benefit from the advanced scientific discoveries andtechnology derived from the super collider. So "pork" is thatwhich the opposing party doesn't want or that which the opposing party politiciansdisagrees with the priorities. No government ever has unlimited financialresources so we elect politicians to represent our interests in the Stateor Federal Congress and decide on the relative. If democracy was perfect,the politicians would be able to perfectly prioritize every and each citizen'sneeds and would try to satisfy those need according to priorities. But democraciesare not perfect.

Even within a geographical area, there are people with ethnic, race, gender,age and sexual orientation issues they rightfully feel should be addressed.However, like being gay in a very red neck family, within a very red neckedneighborhood, within a very red necked city, within an extremely red neckedState, one tends to feel they are the only one like that alive. But whenthey "come out," and realize the boy of girl next door or aroundthe corner is gay, they form a friendship or an association. When they meetpeople from the next block, across town or in the next town, they realizethey aren't alone and together, they can counter the neighbor bullies orthe town's homophobic citizenry. They begin to work together and pool talentsto try to correct injustices. These pools of talents and resources are calledPolitical Action Committees and Special Interest Groups. Everybody hatesSpecial Interest Groups unless it is the one they are apart of!

Politicians are notorious for making promises to their constituents to gettheir constituent's votes then totally ignoring their promise or takingan opposing position when the time comes to fulfill their campaign promise.People living in California, although they pool their resourses and talents,can't always afford to take off work and go back to Washington D.C. to talkto politicians and lobby them for their support to correct an injustice.They find a person who will represent their specific needs and interestsand who will and can devote their full attention to lobby politicans providingthem with facts and figures favorable to the interests of those who hiredthem. This is called delegation of responsibility and work! It's the Americanway to work together for the common good of all.

Recently, there are fanatical, extremely right wind, Republican religiousgroups and others railed against the very government which they influencedfor so long for their own good because now they can no longer totally controlthe minds of the members of congress with their unchristian agenda and Satanicdemands. These fanatical, right wing, extremists, under the cloak of a verypartriotic and benign sounding non-partisan organization named "Citizensfor a Sound Economy," are finding that others have learned from them,how to use and influence the political machine and how to affect the changesthey feel should be enacted. These fringe radical extremists and religionistsfeel their influence and affectiveness being drastically deluted and nolonger able to snap their fingers and politicians cow towing to their Satanicwhim. These fanactical religionist are finding politicians are being influenced,swayed and convinced by the Spirit of God which God, Himself said wouldbe poured out on mankind in this days to turn the hearts of the fathersto the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers. These radicalreligionists are now railing against the very political system they usedand sought to contaminate with their hatred and bigotry. The "Citizensfor a Sound Economy" have aired a factually and grossly erroneous adon TV trying to win public support for the flat tax.

I personally don't know if the flat tax would be an improvement over thecurrent tax system, however, the truth is and you can take this to the bank,any time the premise of any argument or contention is factually fruadulentand/or misleading, that argument or contention is equally fraudulent and/ormisleading. While we definitely need campaign and political reform, lieswill only make it worse.